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Blockchain+Privacy-preserving computation+AI, everything for the safe flow of data.

New generation consortium blockchain platform based on privacy-preserving computation

A practical consortium blockchain platform built in line with national cryptography standards and serving finance and insurance, medical and health care, government services, social governance, logistics, aviation and other industries.

  • Built-in privacy protection, support for national secret standards and a variety of privacy algorithms.
  • High-performance and scalable support for consensus and data storage modularization and plug-in.
  • High security, supporting multi-account data isolation and node admission control.
  • High availability, support for IDE development environment and convenient and efficient operation and maintenance toolset.

Privacy-preserving computation framework based on tensorFlow

Meet commercial goals, support a variety of privacy-preserving computation technologies, quickly solve the data privacy requirements in AI development applications, and combined with blockchain to provide technical support for business and application requirements.

  • High efficiency, taking full advantage of the industrial optimization of the TensorFlow framework to support all kinds of platforms.
  • Easy to use, import a line of code to convert the TensorFlow code into private computing mode.
  • Flexibility, support for a variety of privacy algorithms, free combination of AI algorithms to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Data asset safe based on privacy-preserving computation

The infrastructure to realize the ownership recognition and value transaction of data assets,an effective tool to fully protect the privacy and security of data. It is committed to realizing the compliance and orderly flow of data elements, releasing the potential of data elements, and realizing data value empowerment.

  • High performance blockchain and privacy-preserving computation Infrastructure.
  • Rich AI algorithms and privacy data processing pipeline.
  • Secure and reliable local data privacy service and ownership management.
  • Adapt flexibly to the mainstream technology of MPC,ZKP,HE,FL,TEE.

Distributed digital identity system

It’s a distributed digital identity system that combined with the blockchain architecture, which can establish a trusted and verifiable identity on the chain for people and devices, and establish a trusted connection between the data world and entities, as the basis for supporting all distributed applications.

  • Uniqueness, establishing unique identification for enterprises, people and devices to protect identity privacy and security.
  • Verifiability, providing entity identity anchoring mechanism to address authentication requirements.
  • Flexibility, plug-in configuration of privacy algorithm enables hierarchical privacy protection on demand

Intelligent internet of things trusted identity authentication and data privacy protection platform

Data asset value exchange network is an important link between data assets and entity business.,it is an effective tool to realize the value of user data assets and fully protect data privacy.

  • The equipment reputation tracking mechanism helps to detect the deviation of equipment behavior and avoid potential risks.
  • Mutual trust between devices and data computing based on privacy protection.
  • Support certified devices for cross-vendor transactions.
  • The scalability enables Internet of things devices to support different vertical markets and application scenarios.

Our Services

Provide one-stop service from consultation to landing according to different scenarios.

Basic platform

Blockchain and privacy-preserving computation technology are used to provide information infrastructure for the digital age. It includes autonomous controllable alliance blockchain platform, data asset value exchange platform based on multi-party secure computing, distributed credit and identity authentication system based on privacy-preserving computation, and so on.


Provide business solutions based on blockchain and privacy-preserving computation technology to customers in government agencies, finance, manufacturing, logistics, medical care, insurance and other industries, and provide professional and technical services for application design and landing process.

Product cooperation

With commercial as the goal, we will cooperate with academic institutions to carry out technical research and scientific research cooperation for a long time, and provide academic exchanges, consulting and training, and solutions to all parties in the industry in terms of blockchain, data privacy protection, data asset value, and so on.


New framework, new value. Provide perfect solutions for distributed industry applications.

Privacy-preserving computation

Based on privacy-preserving computation technologies such as cryptography, it provides end-to-end solutions for privacy protection in data flow in various industries.

Industry case

Realize the landing of large-scale commerce and promote the upgrading of the industry.


Supply chain finance platform based on blockchain and privacy-preserving computation


Application of car leasing assets based on blockchain


Application of Internet of things based on blockchain and privacy-preserving computation


Insurance industry data management and value discovery based on blockchain and privacy-preserving computation


Application of Anti-counterfeiting traceability of consumer goods based on blockchain


Application of supply chain in logistics industry based on blockchain


Go forward hand in hand to create the future.

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