About Us

Privacy-preserving computation and blockchain technology service provider

Company Introduction

  • Juzix is headquartered in Shenzhen and has branches in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing.
  • Committed to become the distributed trusted data exchange and collaborative computing technology provider.
  • To meet the needs of digital governance in smart cities, we provide a distributed credit system and a distributed identity authentication system based on privacy-preserving computation.
  • Privacy-preserving computation and blockchain technology are used to build a data asset value exchange network platform with ciphertext transmission, risk control and multi-party computing.
  • Through an open technological framework, we will share and build a new generation of information infrastructure system with all parties in the industry.
  • There are more than 110 employees, including 7 doctorates, 17 graduate students and more than 70 R & D engineers. 75 invention patents have been applied to the state.
  • Round A strategic investment of RMB 150 million for Wanxiang Holdings and other investment institutions.
Founded in 2014
110+ employees
150 million financing finance
75 invention patents

Company History


Founded in 2014.


We Started to study the infrastructure construction of enterprise-level blockchain.


We obtained 150 million yuan A round financing from Wanxiang Holdings in August 2016.


Since the end of 2016, the blockchain technology project has been implemented with China's main clearing and registration institutions.


Juzix joined WeBank and Wanxiang Blockchain Lab to open source enterprise blockchain platform BCOS.


The MPC enterprise application platform was jointly released with the Institute of Information Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University.


Released JUICE blockchain Open Service platform.


Released JUGO secure multi-party computing platform.


United Universal blockchain Lab opened up a new generation of federated blockchain system platform PlatONE, which supports private computing.


Juzix and Fudan University jointly established the big data Joint Innovation Laboratory in the field of education and scientific research (humanities and social sciences) in Shanghai, which was formally approved by the Shanghai Economic and Informatization Commission.

Application direction


Provide partners with commercial solutions in the areas of finance, healthcare, logistics, smart manufacturing, smart city, Internet of things, etc.

Overall cooperation

Carried out all-round commercial cooperation with leaders in large enterprises, research institutes, banks and other fields.

Standard setting

Participated in the formulation of industry standards of the People's Bank of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Internet Information Office and the Ministry of Public Security. And we are the first batch of blockchain service record enterprises of the Internet Information Office.

Our contribution

  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of members of the first National Technical Committee for Standardization of blockchain and distributed Accounting Technology, and Xie Hongjun, chief operating officer of Juzix, was elected as a member.
  • The intellectual property industry media IPRdaily and incoPat Innovation Index Research Center jointly released the 2019 Global blockchain Invention Patent list (TOP100), Juzix ranked 50th in the number of patent applications.
  • The State Internet Information Office (hereinafter referred to as "Internet Information Office") issued a public notice on the record number of the third batch of blockchain information services in China. The three blockchain application platforms of Juzhenyuan Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Juzix") have been publicized, namely, meta-code chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform, digital identity joint credit blockchain query platform, logistics industry supply chain financial platform.
  • Juzix became the director of Shanghai Blockchain Technical Association.
  • Juzix was shortlisted in the 2018 Top 250 list of fintech startups published by data analysis company CB Insights.
  • As an important partner in the New Generation Fengyun Meteorological Satellite Scientific algorithm Innovation Competition, Juzix was invited to participate in the data conference and training meeting.
  • After becoming one of the ten companies to join Daimler's Startup Autobahn 100-day acceleration camp, Juzix cooperated with Beijing Mercedes-Benz sales and Service Co., Ltd. (BMBS)'s largest BU used car division to explore the application of blockchain in the used car market.
  • In March 2019, the State Internet Information Office announced the record number of the first batch of domestic blockchain information services. As a leader in blockchain and privacy-preserving computation technology, Juzix became the first batch of units to put on record through blockchain information services.
  • Juzix became the first member of the Internet of things and Universal Blockchain Internet of things + Blockchain Joint Innovation Center.
  • Juzix was invited to attend the "China Digital Health Medical Conference". The Health Insurance working Committee awarded "Outstanding contribution Units of the year" to our company, Neusoft Group, Micro Medical Group, China Unicom, Tide Software, etc.
  • Juzix has became a global partner of CRYPTO 2018. CRYPTO is one of the most famous, influential and high-level conferences in the field of cryptography sponsored by the International cryptographic Research Association (IACR).
  • Juzix was selected as one of the top 30 financial science and technology innovation enterprises in China.
  • As a member of Chinese cryptography, Juzix helped to host the 2018 annual meeting of the Chinese Cryptography Society
  • Zhenjin Community, the first professional alliance for data security and privacy protection in China, was jointly launched by Juzix, Suanli Think Tank, Wanxiang Blockchain Laboratory, Crypto Innovation School (CIS) and Shanghai Federation of Joint-Stock companies.